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Sophie Kosremelli & Salim Cherfane


Art, Fashion and Style brought us here to showcase an ongoing collaboration between an Art Director and an Illustrator (HIM) and a Fashion Stylist and a Photographer (HER). With every shoot, we try to combine our creativity and dynamic minds in an attempt to recreate both our beautiful world and our existence as we know and see it thru our eyes.
She graduated with a B.A. in Photography and Fashion Styling: a happy free-spirited redhead who loves beautiful dresses, shiny jewelry and red lipstick – which is always on standby in Her purse. Like always. She’s ready to pull off any look; a “bad girl with attitude” is what i like to call Her.
He graduated with a B.A. in Art Direction and Advertising. He also happens to be a gifted Illustrator. I like to call Him “fairy”: the most stylish of them all. He walks around (literally) spreading glitter in the air; watch out, there’s no running away from glitter-induced positivity. He likes to change his glasses, his hair, his look faster than flipping the pages of a bad fashion magazine from the 90s. He likes to dance, the great outdoors and loves the beauty that resides in small details.
Her dream is to work with Vogue.His is to be on the cover.
Together we like to dream big and present to you “Rouge à Rêves” ; a fashion and art blog that brings you the latest trends in a twisted and creative way, it also features collaborations with different artists and designers. We hope you will love our Magically Beautiful World. Come in.



Sophie Kosremelli
Fashion Stylist | Photographer

Salim Cherfane
Art Director | Illustrator


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