Jeux D’enfants

Happy 1 year anniversary!
Happy 1 year of creativity!
Happy 1 year of working hard to keep you guys hooked!
This was actually the first shoot we did, we shot with Tareck Raffoul back when Rouge a Rêves was still being cooked in our minds: the shoot is fun, it’s colorful, it’s serious, it’s dreamy, it’s playful, it’s basically who we are.  We’re not only about fashion, but also about art. We are not only about the outfit but also about compositions and layouts; gathering bits and pieces from what our mind gives birth to and trying to portray it, through whatever medium, in the best way possible.
In this shoot, Tareck portrayed Rouge a Rêves in a subtle way with his photographical and editing skills. We figured it would be the perfect occasion to make it public because, to torture a cliche that resonates a lot in the art and fashion worlds, old is gold and what better way to celebrate than to remember when it all started.

Happy birthday Rouge a Rêves, may we keep you guys dreaming and craving for more creativity ! 

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