Berlin Calling


Dearest Berlin,

We’ve been meaning to thank you for our amazing experience during our  stay there.

You are the true definition of the word freedom, probably also the true definition of life, by nesting people who would not care if you’re black, if you are white, if you are bald, if you are walking naked on the streets, if you are dressed in latex or even if you have a garbage bag on your head. You are a gentle reminder that there’s more to life than bombs and evil, hate and fear, a reminder that you actually have the time to breathe, fresh air, creativity, refuel your aspirations and just have fun!

You’ve been hurt but gracefully rebuilt, you have so much history that you make people like us want to know more and never stop listening to what people have to say about you.

Even your food tastes delicious, whether you’re sitting under a bridge on metal bars to have the most exquisite burger of all time (if you are ever in Berlin make sure you eat at Burgermeister which by the way used to be a public bathroom – rest assured, the venue was contaminated before the change of use!), or if you’re grabbing a quick hotdog bite (Berlin is famous for “Currywurst”).

Your breath-taking parks made us want to sit in nature for hours even if it were only to contemplate life by looking at one tree only.  You just have to sit down, on the fresh green grass, and relax and more often than not people might approach you for a spontaneous discussion that will make your morning/afternoon/night even better.

The clubs, my God the clubs! It turned out to be a cleaning process: you feel as though you are throwing away all the negative energy from your system and almost-literally just dancing your heart out. The whole trip actually was a cleaning process; it was refreshing, it was fun, it was tough. It was everything at the same time.

So to all of you people who love life, simple things, who are daring and are tired of being judged every second of the day because of your looks, your opinions or the way you think or even things as petty and trivial as the way you walk; those of you enjoy young yet culture-filled cities, art, design, good food and good company, we urge you to book that ticket to Berlin, NOW.  There is a plane boarding as you read this, if you run you just might make it!

From the bottom of our heart,

Berlin, we love you.












· Bastard (breakfast/brunch)
· Cafe Ahorn (breakfast/brunch)
· Daluma (lunch/snack)
· Five elephant (coffee+cake)
· Concierge (coffee)
· Katie’s blue cat (tea+cake)
· Ankerklause (breakfast / brunch / lunch / snacks / drinks…– basically just a cool spot to sit along the canal and watch people in Kreuzberg/Neukölln)
· Markthalle Neun (street food, would recommend going only on Tuesdays)
· Thaiwiese (Thai street food on the lawn – super delicious and authentic and I believe nowhere else to be found outside of Thailand!! Sometimes there are also massages offered… but attention: there are no real opening hours, Thai ladies and gents just usually come out on the weekend when the sun shines… )
· Kimchi princess (lunch/dinner – Korean)
· Le Bon (all day – AMAZING)
· Shizo burger (lunch/dinner)
· Horvath (lunch/dinner – Michelin star, but not too pricey for that…)
· I Golosi Briganti (dinner – Italian)
· Il Casolare (BEST pizza ever!!)
· Foccacceria (lunch/dinner/snack – Italian)
· Max & Moritz (for real German food… meaning a lot of meat and potatoes)

· Wuergeengel (Cocktails)
· Weinerei (Wine)
· Vin Aqua Vin (Wine)
· Hotel Bar (everything)
· Luzia (everything)
· Klunkerkranich (cool rooftop)


. Kater Blau

. Sisyphos

. Watergate

. Kitkat

· Club der Visionäre (generic… )
· Berghain (I don’t think we need to say more about this one)

· Bohnengold (small, hidden behind the back door of the bar)
· Prince Charles (generic.. special theme nights…)
· Ritter Butzke (electro)
· Berlinische Galerie (modern art, often with themes revolving around the city)
· Martin-Gropius Bau (Arts Museum for typically more classical exhibitions – check out their changing exhibitions…)
· Museum Berggrün (Modern arts )
· Berliner Philharmoniker – Check out their free lunchtime recitals on Tuesdays, if you don’t manage to get a ticket / just want to get a light touch experience of classical music
· Volksbühne – theatre in the centre of town close to Hackescher Markt with a focus on social/political themes ·

· Weinmeisterstr. (concept stores, flagship stores in the centre of town, established labels)
· Rosenthalerstr. / Weinbergsweg (very pretty neighborhood with old buildings, cool stores – young, but more upper-class)
· Gendarmenmarkt – super pretty Plaza with 2 domes and a great concert hall (Konzerthaus Berlin) · Oranienstr. (at the border between Mitte and Kreuzberg, a bit established, but still very cool vintage stores)
· Gräfekiez (cool niche shops from liquorice to tea to lamps, …)
· Paul-Lincke Ufer / Maybachufer (+ market on Tuesdays and Fridays) – chill on the Admiralsbrücke, if you want to be super hipster and combine it with a Pizza at Il Casolare and/or ice cream / cake in any of the shops around! The ice cream shop “Isabel” is amazing!!
· Weserstraße/Pannierstraße (very cool vintage stores, coffee shops, …)
· Kollwitzplatz (+ market on Thursdays and Saturdays)
· Mauerpark (+ flea market on Sundays)

Day trips
· Templin (lakes, nice for long walks, but maybe more beautiful in the fall with colorful leaves, etc.)

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