Sri Lankan Fever


As we are writing this text, inexplicable emotions emerge. Words won’t be enough to actually portray it for you, from the breath-taking sceneries to the beautiful people of Sri Lanka, from the colours of those tiny houses to the yummy pineapples we couldn’t get enough of. This trip was a true inspiration.

Nothing was more beautiful and soothing than the simple lifestyle that they lead , the same one we were all sharing during our time there.
We thought pictures would be more adequate to show you what we mean, words will only serve to narrate a bit as to where we wandered and the countless friends we made. Throughout our shoot we’d like to make you travel with us spiritually and maybe get you as fascinated as we were with this country that is rich in culture and heritage mixed with multiple religions that have co-existed throughout the centuries.
What we also realized by looking at the pictures we took is that each one of them can be presented by itself, relying solely on its inherent beauty, its wonderful scenery.
We let nature nurture our thoughts, we let it grow among and around us with what little precious time we had there. From the enormous trees that surrounded us to the imposing Buddha statues in Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya, a temple which was built 2,300 B.C. It is truly a place of worship, wisdom and serenity, a soothing place for both the soul and the eyes.
Nothing could ever transcend those beautiful colours, which is why we chose to wear black.  We collaborated with the brand Men Just Wanna Have Fun and its owner Beatrice Harb and we landed on the perfect outfit for the shoot, giving it a strong and charming contrast. We tried to mix our world with theirs, in a homogeneous way.
One day we asked our friend Asela, an amazing tuktuk driver to show us around. Music on! (Yes Asela pimped his tukuk with an integrated sound system, not so common in Sri Lanka!!). Asela took us to tea plantations and to several impressive temples; he mainly added a twist to our journey, and along the way, eventually became a friend.
We never truly understood the true meaning of this spiritual journey until the very moment the trip ended. During our time there, we felt amazing vibes coming not only from nature but also from the encounters, local and touristy alike. It was just a big bubble of happiness that lasted long after we were back home.
“At the end of every day and every sunset, what is more important than being happy?” – words that kept resonating from everyone we came across there.
Cheers to happy people, to people whose steps we should follow, whom by their acts of kindness are the richest in the world.





















 Sri Lankan starter pack: 
Ayubowan: is the word used to greet someone. It means long life. One is generally greeted by joining two hands in prayer-like manner and saying Ayubowan. It can be used any time of the day.
Stuti: This word means Thank you. It is as easy to the ears as it is to the tongue. You will be using it before you know it.
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