There is no better way to kick off something completely new than with a friend. We have been cooking our blog for quite some time now and we would like to present to you Rouge à Rêves: “Rouge” for Sophie and “Rêves” for Salim, together – transporting you to a new world where fashion and art are in perfect harmony, as they should be.

For our first shoot we wanted to collaborate with someone who identifies with us in one way or another; someone with aspirations, dreams and concepts in realms that transcend fashion into the world of art and magic. We came across our incredible designer, Grace Rihan owner of the brand Atelier G by Grace Rihan. Being an architect, every item of Grace’s collection is created with utmost attention to detail and exactly the right proportions. Every piece you put on will take your mind to a fairy tale, somewhere out of the ordinary, much like how her architectures.

We couldn’t have made this project possible without our photographers; to do a work of art justice, you need to document it through talented lenses. Having said that, we have chosen our dearest Myriam Boulos and Tarek Moukaddem to memorialize the first steps of our baby. Myriam made our dreamy shoot a reality by using her storytelling skills through photography, and Tarek has an eye for capturing fashion in still photos and as expected, he pulled it off beautifully.

Every story has an introduction, a start; and every fire is started by a spark (étincelle). “Etincelles”, as we like to call our first shoot, is the result of a shared passion for fashion and art – but beyond their literal definition – and this is why we are here today. We like how fashion (clothing) and photography can bring out different feelings in people; together, they can speak to each one of us in a different way.

Through Etincelles, we welcome you to delve deeper into our world and tap into your senses: Appreciation of beauty is the common ground we can all start from. What follows, however, is where Etincelles can take you and what it makes you feel as an individual. Our differences as individuals can only mean one thing: One work of art can be perceived in infinite distinct ways. This is what defines us and our identity. This is what defines you and your identity. This is Rouge à Rêves.


Chapter One: In this project, we worked more with Myriam on the layout and the story. Myriam is known for her black and white experimental photography style. The end result of our collaboration is a series of photographs through which we experimented with light, texture and layouts. 

Chapter Two: With Tarek, we chose the great outdoors of Kartaba to showcase atelierG’s collection that was predominantly influenced by nature and earthy tones. Tarek has the ability to bring out the fashion in any given set without neglecting the surroundings. His excellent editing skills transported our photos to a whole new level while accentuating our outfits even more.


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